Aluplast Ideal 8000

  • 6 chamber system
  • 3 gaskets
  • Uw = 0,76-0,91 W/m²K
  • glazing thickness up to 51 mm
  • depth of 85 mm
  • reduces sound by up to 45 dB
  • tightness and reliability due to extremely durable middle sealing
  • extended service life of hardware guaranteed by separating so called “dry chamber”
  • passive house standards by choosing a suitable energy-efficient set
  • bonding inside technology – the mergence of window sash and pane

What does bonding inside give you?

  • proper statics
  • minimizing risk of glass cracking
  • hedging against the dew on the edge of glass
  • dimensionally stable sash
  • heat insulation in the profile improved by 20%
  • prevention from moving
  • higher protection against break-in

Classic Line – multi-purpose system, preferred option on the domestic and cross-border markets among large projects developers, important for those who look practically and cherish simple construction for its easy-to-operate and easy-to-clean properties, also in RENOVATION option.

Round Line - perfectly suited to contemporary interiors, aimed for modern architecture for single and multifamily housing in addition to retrofitting to older buildings.