Our company chooses innovative, individual and secure complete solutions with a system in architectural hardware technology the world over. We equip our windows and doors with GREENTEQ and ROTO hardware developed by a team of designers and engineers who are among the world’s best.

These days, increasing security is one our top priorities. The ROTO system already includes a basic version of the high burglar-proof protection. It also provides comfortable handling even with the possibility of connecting to an alarm system, thermostat and airing. The lower horizontal arm of the sash is equipped with a burglar-proof roll anchoring the burglar-proof latch RU on a frame.

If you need a higher level of security, windows with ROTO hardware can have a rebar again – even after embedding into the building. You can also choose anti-burglary class WK1 (protection against kick, jump, pushing) or anti-burglary class WK2 (protection against screwdrivers, pliers, pincers, wedges) as your initial requirement.

The big Q in GREENTEQ stands for quality, because all GreenteQ products meet current requirements for technology and functionality. The GreenteQ product range mainly includes products for construction-related trade works, including strong base-line for the manufacture and installation of windows and doors. What we use from a Greenteq range are: pull handles, lever handles, rosettes, door hinges, multi-point and mortise lock.